What is CodeIris

CodeIris is a integrated visualization of your project source code in your IDE.


Why ?

Its fun! See the architecture of your project directly in your IDE. It improves architectural understanding and code quality.

When ?

Try CodeIris Plugin during:

  1. Understanding a new project / source base
  2. Developing your project and visualize what you have built
  3. During pair programming. Explain your architectural idea to your peer.
  4. During code reviews. Show off the beauty of your code.
  5. During team workshops and know how sessions explaining details.
  6. Educate someone about archietecture, patterns and clean coding


One comment on “What is CodeIris
  1. I love this tool. I’m using it with IntelliJ. Already I’m thinking differently about how my software fits together because I can dynamically interact with the CodeIris diagrams. Thanks!!